Naturally Raised Lamb

Naturally Raised Lamb – The Ideal Choice

When you are looking for the very best quality in lamb, turn to Ben More Mountain Ranch. We strive to provide our clients with exceptional quality for several reasons. We know our clients want a higher quality product that is safe to consume. You care about what you feed your family, and we care about ensuring it is only the best possible product.

There are benefits to naturally raised lamb. The lamb is fed a much lower cholesterol diet, which means there is less overall fat. The fat that is present is the healthier form, giving you access to more of the omega-3 fatty acids and nutrients your body needs.

What You Can Expect

We offer only naturally raised lamb. Our product is a Suffolk hemp cross lamb. It is always grass-fed – which gives you confidence it is not bulked up on byproducts like store-bought proteins. It is also not mass-produced to limit the quality of life of these animals.

We can help you with the entire process of purchasing this Oregon raised lamb. Our customers are responsible for having the lamb prepared for them, but we can help you with this entire process, including the cutting and wrapping of the meet. This can be done locally to ensure it is done properly.

Our Oregon raised lamb is an exceptional product. It is available only in the month of June. If you are looking to purchase to stock up your freezer or you want to offer it to your customers at your restaurant, give Ben More Mountain Ranch a call. We are happy to answer all of your questions and ensure you know exactly what you are buying from us. It matters what you feed your family, and we have done everything we can to ensure you have access to the very best.