Naturally Raised Beef

Are You Looking to Buy Naturally Raised Beef?

When you want to provide your family with a higher quality of protein, you need to seek out naturally raised beef. It is designed to provide you with more nutrients and less of the byproducts found in mass-produced products. At Ben More Mountain Ranch, we offer a higher quality product. Our beef has more flavor and the dense nutrients your body needs. When you care about what you put into your body, you can depend on us.

What We Offer Stands Out

Our Oregon raised beef is free-range. These steers are grass-fed and then finished on grain for the last 60 days. Our naturally raised beef comes from our family-owned ranch located in Southern Oregon. From the time the calves are born, they are raised on a rich, natural diet. They are never given any antibiotics or any type of added growth stimulating hormone. This can give you the confidence you are buying truly naturally raised beef you can feel confident offering to your family.

We know how important it is to our clients to have a good, healthy source of beef for their family. You can expect the very best product every time you turn to us. Our products can help you get a denser level of nutrients into your diet. Grass-fed beef has fewer calories, more healthy fats, and is a safer beef option for those who want to maintain heart health.

We can help you to make arrangements for the slaughter, cutting, and wrapping of the meat. Keep in mind our Oregon raised beef is only available during the month of August. If you have questions or concerns or want to learn more about how you can offer these products to your family, call Ben More Mountain Ranch today. We are happy to provide you with the peace of mind you need.