Hemp Untrimmed Flower

Hemp Untrimmed Flower – Find What You Need Here

One of the ways Ben More Mountain Ranch meets our clients’ needs is that we offer a range of options for your purchase. This includes hemp untrimmed flower, and hemp trimmed flower products. Depending on the application you plan to use, you can expect to find what you need here.

Hemp Untrimmed Flower

Many of our clients seek out hemp untrimmed flower because this ensures it is in compliance with the 0.3 percent Total THC limit. This is a requirement for those who are shipping the product over state lines. It meets the federal standards and requirements for moving this product. Our products will have the buds properly trimmed for you. This is done carefully to ensure they remain in excellent quality. In addition, they are tested to ensure they have a total THC level of less than one percent. We can provide a certified COA, so the product meets federal standards.

Hemp Trimmed Flower

When you want to choose a product that is readily prepared for you, we offer a hemp trimmed flower. This product is perhaps the very best for those who want a dense, high-quality flower ready to be used. It is tested to have CBD at 12 to 14 percent. The total THC is 0.46 percent, and Delta-9-THC levels are at 0 percent. For many of our clients, hemp trimmed flower is the ideal choice for in-state use.

At Ben More Mountain Ranch, our hemp trimmed flower and untrimmed flower are always going to be the best available. You can expect these products to be highly effective for any application you plan to use them in for various goals. Take a moment to call our team to learn more about the products we have to offer in the quantity and quality you need.