Hemp Biomass

Are You Looking for Hemp Biomass?

No matter what your needs are, Ben More Mountain Ranch can help you secure the right type of hemp for them. We offer a range of products, including hemp biomass. This product is made up of the leaves and stalks of hemp after the flowers, and the seeds have been removed from the plant. This is only made up of organic material. The biomass is one of the most sought-after components of the plant for those who are looking to product oils – and it can even be used in the production of fuel.

There are many uses for hemp biomass. Some of our clients use it to create tinctures and other high-quality oils. Others use it in the production of beauty products. In some cases, these organic materials can also be used for the production of fibers and fabrics.

We Also Offer Mango Hemp

If you are looking for a quality type of hemp, Ben More Mountain Ranch offers it to you. Our mango hemp is some of the best for those looking for a sweetness like no other. This type of hemp often has a bit of a tropical fruit essence, which is why it is often sought out by those looking to create food-related products. Of course, it also contains just the right amount of CBD to ensure you can use it for medicinal needs as well. We encourage you to learn more about how it works by reaching out to our team.

From the finest mango hemp to the hemp biomass products you need, Ben More Mountain Ranch has it. We only offer the best quality, and we hand harvest all of the products we grow. This helps ensure you are getting the very best level of quality possible. If you are looking for hemp to produce your medications, fibers, or anything else, Ben More Mountain Ranch is the place to find it.